Astrology trends for the week of March 21

On Monday evening, Mercury leaves the intuitive and emotionally squishy waters of Pisces for the fiery realm of Aries. For the next three weeks, expect to be more outspoken and wittier than usual. Thoughts and communications will run on more original and aggressive lines. Your language is likely to become more expressive, but be careful of the tendency to exaggerate. Also, your ability to hurt with irony and sarcasm is also enhanced. Be sure to use your skill with words with great discretion. During this time, you are likely to feel like a fire has been lit under you, and you will be eager to get projects off of your To Do list. This can result in impatience and a tendency to run roughshod over others as you plow ahead. Or you may find yourself so driven to get things underway that you fail to think things through, which can lead to difficulty. Luckily, your brilliant intelligence, which will be enhanced during this time, may enable to talk your way out of many difficulties, as long as you keep your aggression and ambition under control.

The Virgo Moon is quincunx to Uranus in Aries on Tuesday morning. This is an aspect that promises change, and we all know any kind of change, even for the better, brings a certain amount of stress with it. Today’s challenge will be to meet it with a positive attitude, not apprehension. If you can approach these changes as opportunities for positive growth, then the day is likely to be beneficial for you. If you react with resistance to trying something new or with fear of the unknown, today promises to be a difficult one for you.

Wednesday opens with the Full Moon in Libra. Your projects for this Moon Cycle should now be bearing fruit. This Full Moon also brings us a Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible in most of North America. As the Sun, Moon, and Earth form into a line, we can find it difficult to find our mental equilibrium, making today a particularly challenging day for decision making. Try to put off any critical decision for a couple of days. If your birthday falls within a day, on either side, of Wednesday, you can expect some major changes in your life within the next twelve months. Shortly after the eclipse, Jupiter in Virgo squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. You’ve been dreaming big about your future, and, today, you will find that you need to balance these dreams against the reality of your responsibilities. This doesn’t at all mean your dreams aren’t ultimately attainable. It does mean that you need to prepare yourself for the long haul of hard work required to actually realize these dreams, and that you absolutely cannot, now, live like your ship has already come in. Until the check has cleared the bank, under no circumstances should you spend the money. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, the Sun and Mercury pair up in Aries, bringing us a double shot of fiery energy. You will definitely have the ideas and the energy to get things done, but be careful to resist the urge to be too aggressive, too impulsive, and too argumentative. Definitely make sure to take the time to think through the consequences before you speak or before you act, or you may find yourself in a fight you weren’t anticipating.

That impulsive but productive energy can be better put to use on Thursday, when Mercury trines Mars in Sagittarius. This is an aspect that encourages you to strike while the iron is hot. While I’m not advocating jumping into things without forethought, I am saying that if you see an opportunity, today is the day to take it: Your courage is strong and you’ll have the energy to make things happen.

Friday morning, Saturn goes Retrograde until August. The ringed planet, our Celestial Taskmaster, determines how we meet our commitments and responsibilities, as well as how we do the work that must be done. During this time, expect obstacles to pull you away from the tasks you thought you were most important. While Saturn is Retrograde, you have the opportunity to reevaluate your strategies for how you work, as well as to take a look at the burdens you carry with you on your journey through life. How are these working out for you? Is it time to rewrite your rule book? Are you allowing outside forces to push you into work you never wanted to take on? Now is the time to let go of those burdens that no longer serve any productive purpose, as well as to embrace the fact that you alone should be the one to decide what obligations you sign up for. Practice saying “no” when the task really isn’t something you want to do; experiment with taking on work you never thought you could or should, but think you might be interested in. Now is the best time to prepare yourself to control your own destiny again, when Saturn goes Direct in August.

A little while later, on Friday morning, Venus in Pisces moves into opposition of Jupiter in Virgo. You may feel the urge to spend money to attract a lover, but this is not the time. Having to buy someone’s affections will never make you feel truly loved; you will always know they had their price and a higher bidder may come along. Even spending the time, money, or energy to convince them you are something you are not is guaranteed to result in heartbreak, now. Today, stick to presenting yourself as you truly are and make sure your intended lover is doing the same A background check, or at least a thorough Google search, would not be unwarranted, and if anything seems hinky, trust that intuition. And keep your money in the bank, for now. Underscoring all this, shortly after midday, Venus squares off against Saturn in Sagittarius. Dishonesty or deception is now guaranteed to result in a broken heart. Stick to the truth, and demand it from your lovers.

Expect a burst of creativity on Saturday morning when the Sun in Aries trines Mars in Sagittarius. This is an excellent time to get projects started. However, understand that this will not be an aspect under which you should expect to finish the whole project in one go: This burst of energy sees you getting much done in short bursts, but you will need to give yourself many mental health breaks, as you will find that you are very easily distracted. Today also sees Venus in Pisces sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Expect sudden changes in your love life that bring benefits. These benefits may come in the form of material gain, but are more likely to be in the form of reigniting your passions.

Sunday ends this busy week on a pleasant note, in the form of a trine of the Scorpio Moon and Venus in Pisces. This is aspect is geared to bringing out the most engaging facets of your personality, and your heart will be ready to please, as well as be pleased. If you celebrate Easter today, it also sets the mood perfectly for family celebrations. If you don’t, gather some like-minded friends and loved ones to celebrate the beauty of spring as well as delight in each other’s company.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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