Astrology trends for the week of October 10

This is a week to shake things up, or expect them to be shaken for you.

On Monday, the Aquarius Moon trines Jupiter in Libra, signaling that it is time to take a new approach to getting your work or talents appreciated. Your time-tested, tried-and-true ways are just not getting you where you want to be. This trine gives you the opportunity to get your talents noticed by the right people, as long as you are willing to put yourself out there in ways you’ve not tried before. Perhaps it is time to create a website, or an open house event, that showcases your talents. It may even be as straightforward as making use of social media in ways you haven’t. Just make sure you are putting yourself out there to be noticed, and this trine will help the right people find their way to you.

Tuesday brings Mercury and Jupiter into conjunction in Libra, as well as Mars in Capricorn sextile to Neptune in Pisces. These two aspects challenge you to find creative solutions to the problems or causes that are important to you. You can have the most impact on making the world more just if you find the partners who are as dedicated to the cause as you are, and can help you channel your creative energies for maximum impact. You don’t have to change the world by yourself, but the changes you want to see in the world around you won’t happen without you.

Things get a little trickier on Wednesday, as early morning brings Venus in Scorpio quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Relationships, especially unconventional ones, are likely to hit a speed bump or two, today, and, if you are unwilling to talk it out or listen to what your partner has to say, these hiccups will cause a lot of stress to your relationship, possibly enough stress to bring it to the breaking point. Later in the evening, Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. The focus is still on communication, but be very wary of agreeing to things you don’t really believe just for the sake of avoiding controversy right now. You may find that what you’ve agreed to comes back to haunt you, or that you’ve made a deal with the devil that you can’t get out of. I’m not saying you should go looking for things to argue about, but you do need to be very aware of what you may be consenting to, or be prepared for some unpleasant consequences.

A square of Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius on Thursday will have you fearing any kind of change, and that is absolutely the wrong attitude to have this week, as change will happen. Try to keep a broader perspective: Try to view every change that makes you uncomfortable in the short term as opening important opportunities for you in the longer term.

Mercury is sextile to Saturn on Friday afternoon. This shifting in the relationship between these two planets will help you feel more comfortable with change. In fact, you will be much more of the mindset to put in the work you need to make those changes become opportunities. It will take discipline and a sober, practical approach to make these changing circumstances pay off for you, but this aspect will definitely put you in the mindset to do just that.

Things come to a head on Saturday, as the Sun in Libra moves into opposition to Uranus in Aries. This is a once-a-year faceoff between these two celestial bodies, and it means that Uranus is at its closest point to the earth of the year. Uranus is the planet of discovery, change, and surprise, which often means a shift in the status quo. This feeling of anxiety will intensify as the evening progresses, when Mercury in Libra will square off against Pluto in Capricorn. This is the kind of aspect that will make you feel like rushing into action, just to be doing something. But, my best advice is: Don’t. Take at least this weekend to evaluate which way the wind is blowing, if something comes along that really upsets your apple cart. Rushing in to rash commitments won’t help you in the long run. With Mercury in Libra involved, you are especially likely to get bogged down in the details of which way, or more accurately, all the new ways you could turn next to handle the changes that are happening around you. Obviously, some things demand being dealt with immediately. But, for all the things that don’t fall in this category, wait until calmer, less stressed minds prevail before you adopt a plan of action.

Sunday brings us the Full Moon in Aries, one that occurs within one degree of Uranus, adding more fire to the winds of change that have been blowing this week. As with all Full Moons, this one marks the point at which your projects for this Moon Cycle are coming to fruition. You may find that, now that the work is largely done with these projects, the Universe is especially ready for you to start setting your sights in a new direction. And even if you feel like you aren’t ready to change directions, the Universe will, indeed, find ways to push you into doing just that. Be prepared for the continuity you’ve come to rely on in your life to be disrupted. The only question is will you meet these disruptions kicking and screaming, refusing to embrace the new possibilities being offered to you, or are you prepared to roll with the punches and meet these challenges with grace, ready to embrace the future.

I hope this helps you have a great week!

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