Stone meditation: Citrine

What is it?

Citrine is a member of the quartz family. It occurs in shades from the palest yellow to a deep golden brown. The yellow color of this gemstone derives from heat and iron inclusions within the quartz. The name of this mineral comes from the Latin word for yellow, citrina. Sometimes, citrine is referred to golden or Madeira topaz, though it has no relation to the topaz family of stones. Brazil is the largest supplier of citrine, but some can be found in Europe and Africa. Citrine often occurs in formations that include amethyst and smokey quartz. In fact, both can be heat treated to turn them into citrine, and much citrine on the market, today, is derived from this method, as naturally occurring citrine is rare. This process does not really alter the value of the stone, as this heat treatment is a manmade version of what naturally occurs in nature to create citrine.

What can it do for you?

Citrine is a stone with a bright, positive aura. It is used to dispel negative energy and thoughts. It can instill self-confidence in its bearer, as well as reduce fears, and therefore is often carried by those who need to speak in front of an audience. It is known to bring material success and abundance to those who work with it, and is often placed in the cash register of a business to increase sales. Citrine can also increase mental clarity and psychic abilities.

What can it teach us?

Citrine teaches us the value of ingenuity. Because it occurs quite rarely, humans have been cleverly heat treating its sister stones, amethyst and smokey quartz, to create citrine. They have used what was on hand to make what they need. In life, we often find ourselves in need of skills or resources that we don’t actually possess. We should then take stock of what we do have in abundance and use that to find a way to make what we need. Perhaps you are a fabulous cook, but don’t have the strength to move the furniture you need to have a new carpet laid. Call up a few of your more muscular friends and offer to cook them a special meal, with all the fixings, if they will give you a hand. You have turned your ability to cook into an ability to move your furniture. Life is filled with these opportunities, if we are willing to think creatively.

This post was originally published at Michigan Psychic Fair.