Group Activity # 3 (by partner)

Topic: Senate Bill 1326 (a bill that penalizes catcalling for women and LGBTQ community)

Our Stand: We affirm: Senate Bill 1326 (a bill that penalizes catcalling for women and LGBTQ community)

This drawing is an illustration showing the two side of being part of LGBTQ that there are times that you are on the dark side because people might think easily judge you, but through the Senate Bill 1326 and acceptance of society you can show to the world that even you are different, you deserved to be happy.

Discrimination is already part of our society since the world has begun. Human being is judgmental in nature, most of the time we rely on what we see without fully understanding the reality behind it. The world now is covered by so many flaws that even the numbers of our fingers is not enough to quantify it. We are surrounded by so many crimes that no one can’t ever find a solution to stop it, and there are people who have everything in their life but still happiness has no place with them. That is why I am wondering why people keep on judging others because they seems to be different, but they haven’t notice that there so many issues in our society that we need to address. And because of this I have created a question in my mind ‘is it being gay, lesbian, bisexual, and etc. is a big problem?’

During my childhood days I am always making fun of gays and lesbians as for me they are different and they don’t deserve to be respected like a straight girl and boy, because they choose to be like this and they should suffer the burden of being left out, until I meet my high school friend and he is a gay. I am silently idolizing him for he is a studious and disciplined person, he went to school every morning and after the class he will going to help his mother selling ‘kakanin’ in the market. His story is just one of the reasons why we need to respect and show love to people like him, as sometimes even they are not straight their heart is straight to help everyone.

I am personally having gender confusion during my high school days I can’t explain the feeling, but I am happy whenever I saw my girl classmate, I feel strange every time she is holding my hands and giving me kiss in my cheeks when we are about to go home, and I always dream about her before I go to sleep, I can’t explain the feeling but I think I am falling in love with a girl like me. But, I decide to keep it to myself and act normally like my girl classmates, and reality comes in I have my first relationship with a girl, it is my first time but I know that I am happy but after 1 year we end up our relationship. After this heart break I try to convinced myself that I am straight I been into a boy and girl relationship, but I realize that you can cheat on anything you want but not to yourself, after 2 years and 4 months same thing happened we end up our relationship. Now, I am happy with my beautiful princess who always make me realize how important I am, and hoping that this time there is happy ending.

Each and every one of us have our own story maybe I am quite lucky because my family accepted who really I am, but how about others who want to be their self and yet they have no right to it, because they will be discriminated. The illustration above want to tell to each one of us that as human being no matter what is your gender preference is, still we are human and we deserved to be respected and love, and we are looking forward that through a long process the time will come that the society will fully accept gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and etc. to be part of our community.

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