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Histories’ largest Work-From-Home Experiment allows many of us to embrace new ways of working. But switching from our fast-paced offices to kitchen tables brings challenges too. Collaborating digitally without losing the advantages of physical meetings, such as whiteboards, post-its, body language, social cues, and the so valuable small talk can be a difficulty.

My 3 hacks for fostering an efficient remote work culture in MS Teams.

Collect feedback When you see people you can tell by their body language if they agree, disagree, are excited, or zoned out. You can’t do that over a video conference. Without social cues and…

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With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and business, the world is changing and so must we, but the sad truth is that some businesses won’t transform fast enough to survive this crisis. Estimates as to when the crisis ends vary from months or a year or even more, as many variables are not quite understood yet. Meanwhile, organizations of every size dust off their business continuity battleplan to maintain essential business functions, safeguard the well-being of employees and cashflow. Unfortunately, some very unlucky industries hit-hardest, including retail, transportation, and travel are often forced to hit the pause button, and waiting…

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In my previous blog, I tried to analyze the climate Change dilemma by applying the Game Theory, with the conclusion that businesses and consumers won’t cooperate to reduce carbon footprint, even it appears in their best interests to do so. In the absence of Intrinsic motivation and sense of urgency global warming remains an unsolved threat to our planet and future generations. However, the Game Theory is just a simplified framework supplementing the problem-solving process, which provides a structured format to come up with possible solutions. It is important not to over-simplify the situation, as climate change brings multiple sources…

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1985 scientists noticed drastic drops in ozone over the continent, caused by a damaged layer over the Antarctic, the ozone hole. The news was dramatic enough to bring the world together and battle the threat to our atmosphere. In just one-year time 24 parties signed the Montreal Protocol, which enforced the phase-out of substances that deplete the ozone layer. The protocol had a disruptive impact on companies who used ozone-depleting substances, such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which had been widely used in refrigeration, air-conditioners, foam products or aerosols. Some businesses failed to respond and went bankrupt, others simply found substitutes for…

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AI is poised to start an equally large transformation as the world went through during the electrical revolution. AI as a technology that will be everywhere, and in everything. It’s once more all about automation, but this time fueled by data. In a recent study, IDC predicts the AI market to reach a stunning $200 Billion until 2025, dominated by tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, offering cloud-based AI solutions and APIs. The beautiful analogy of AI and electricity is repeatedly used by Baidu’s former Chief Data Scientist Andrew Ng, who emphasizes the scarcity of data as major…

Von Bangkok nach Krabi

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Bangkok ist keine Stadt für Radfahrer und schon gar nicht für diejenigen, die 1000km nach Krabi fahren wollen. So war auch die freundliche Dame an der Rezeption war sichtlich verwundert, als Sie unseren Plan verstand.

Trotz Regenzeit haben wir einen super Start erwischt, blauer Himmel, Sonnenschein und ganz wichtig: Windstille. Wohlwissen, dass es nur noch schlechter werden kann, sind wir den ersten Sonnenstrahlen des Tages um 6:30Uhr losgefahren. 3 Stunden später und 60km weiter waren wir endlich aus Bangkok draussen. Es war keine schöne Strecke, und schwer zu fahren.

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Experten sind sich schon lange über die Vorteile der Cloud einig. Neben Flexibilität, Skalierbarkeit, niedrige Kosten und erhöhte Sicherheit stellt die Cloud die Basis für eine erfolgreiche Digitalisierung dar. Und mit der Cloud lässt sich Geld verdienen, viel Geld, so schätzen die Analysten von Gartner den weltweiten Umsatz für das Jahr 2021 auf rund 278 Milliarden US-Dollar. Ein Gutteil dieser gigantischen Summen fließt in die Kassen der Tech-Riesen wie Amazon, Microsoft und Google, aber auch bei mittelständischen Unternehmen herrscht Goldgräberstimmung. Besondere Aufmerksamkeit ist dem rasant wachsenden Online Handel zu widmen, welcher im Zuge der Digitalisierung an mehreren Fronten durch technologischen…

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Mit dem Fahrrad von Bangkok nach Krabi, die 1000km Herausforderung. Vorbericht und 70 Tages Countdown.

Die letzte sportliche Hochleistung des 38 jährigen Angestellten Marcus Uhrig war die Besteigung des Matchu Pitchu in 2018. Nun hat der Ausdauersport-Neuling beschlossen über seine Grenzen hinauszuwachsen und sich zum Ziel gesetzt mit dem Rennrad von Bangkok nach Krabi zu radeln. Bei tropischen Bedingungen und lediglich mit einem Fahrrad bewaffnet gehts am 26. September zusammen mit seinem Ausdauersport erprobten Kumpel Michael Renz nach Bangkok, um von dort in nur sechs Tagen in das 1000 km südliche gelegene Krabi einzufahren. Trotz der gemeinsamen Vision können die…

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Recently I went back home to my village and spotted a sign in front of a retail store, where a plain sign announced the 75-years anniversary. Based on today’s digital transformation songs the store isn’t supposed to be around, because the business consistently ignored all digital trends since the 50s. It looks pretty much like 20 years ago, it never changed — any website, no social media presence, credit card not accepted, closed on weekends, the business runs on pen and paper and it takes a month until the customer gets the custom-made leather bag. …

The short story of my second Ironman race is that I started but did not finish. Needless to say, it comes along with a big portion of disappointment, especially as I trained over a year with an average of 17h a week; traveled around the world to join this race, and I was in the best shape ever. Regardless of the circumstances, you can’t wrap a DNF into something positive, it simply sucks. Still, it goes as a special day into my books and after a week of digesting the race, it brings a kind of smile on my face.

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