Drowning in work.

Nearly thirty. Male, single, happy…? I am not certain. Possibly. A little bit?

Changing jobs was supposed to help me achieve that happiness I was seeking, and in reality, it has helped. Becoming a primary school teacher has been a great change in career. Every day I get to access every part of my brain, including the neglected desires to sing, act, and paint. Instead of working in a laboratory, following the same directions each and every day, I get to teach topics I love and enjoy, like History, Geography, English and the Arts. Now, through my career, I change the world (or at least, their world) through my actions.

Enjoying the colour and creativity of being a primary teacher.

It is everything I wanted in life as a career — to make a meaningful contibution to the world. Yet, my life is not in balance. I need to work on me, too. This is my chance to be a better me.

I’m starting today, with this blog post. This is me today. The tired me. The me working until 2am, planning and prepping. The me who does not spend enough time cleaning, or looking after pets. The me that neglects food, makes poor choices, is overweight. The me that has happiness, but is not always happy. The me that is out of balance.

That me was this morning. Yesterday. Last week…

But, he is not the me tomorrow.

Time to start making sure that life is in balance, going in the direction I want it to go. It’s starting with this blog post.

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