My name is Michael Bragg and I would love to join the elite institution of Holberton School for Software Engineering. Ever since I was a young student in high-school I have taken an interest in Software Engineering. I personally believe that this is not only a self-fulfilling career but there is a genuine satisfaction from being able to use my knowledge, mathematical analysis, and computer science techniques that I have developed thus far to not only perfect old programs, but to also code new programs.

Being that I am an individual who prefers hands-on learning Holberton has become the number one school that has caught my attention. With Holbertons' educational technique being completely project centered, this gives me the best form of learning in order to aid in mastering my craft. I am ready to learn from the best how to program new software and develop existing programs. With Holberton, I will learn how to challenge myself by utilizing my ability to naturally theorize and assess programs by decoding and encoding systems whilst using not only the tools given to me through educational peers but also through mentors and self efficiency of trial and error.

I love the fact that with Holberton I will have the opportunity to create new ideas but also to collaborate with peers to improve on designs from individuals with similar interests. Through software engineering, we (anyone who takes a serious interest and approach to learning this ever changing craft) are able to help not only independent individuals but also minor companies and major corporations through the power of technology. Not only does this sound like a fun task, especially when most people are not familiar with new software and the programs that are formulated through software engineering, but it is actually an exciting way to adapt with the ever changing world of technological advances.

I have personally noticed how demanding this career is; however, software engineering is an expanding occupation meaning there will always be an opportunity to find a need for employment in this career field. Through Holberton, I will have not only been availed the opportunity to a career but one that will change my life completely. One of the last, but most certainly not the least, reasons I choose Holberton is that there is an opportunity for an internship that begins after completion of 9 months of schooling. I find that extremely helpful and a true testament to your faith in your students ability as well as your institutions foundation as most schools don’t offer such an incentive. I have also noticed that there are many opportunities afforded your students in order to assist in helping with the cost of tuition which is not only inspiring but very forthright.

I am extremely excited to begin the steps necessary in order to change my life with this opportunity to receive a high quality education that would ultimately lead into a career by attending your top rated institution, Holberton School.

Michael Bragg

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