Spinneys CEO Michael Wright and the One Dollar Big Difference Campaign — Helping Children With Cancer

Spinneys is the largest company in the supermarket-retail industry in Lebanon and North Africa. A large percentage of this company’s customer-population is in fact Lebanese, and the company was first established in this great country. Perhaps those are the main factors why Michael Wright (company’s CEO) is implementing projects that would help the people of Lebanon especially those who are in a state of great illness. A good example to this is supermarket’s effort and that of Spinneys Michael Wright on its campaign to help the CCCL or Children Cancer Center Lebanon last summer.

One Dollar, Big Difference

The campaign begun last June 16 and ended the 18th of July, the concept was to donate 1 dollar to any of the 8 branches of Spinneys. All the money that was collected during this campaign was all donated to the CCCL in order to give these poor children a chance to overcome their illness. In addition to that, curing these children is only the first step of this 1 dollar big difference campaign that Spinneys Michael Wright has supported, because this program is also set to secure a brighter future for the children under the CCCL foundation.

The Campaign Gives Benefit To Customers Too

Although the people who donated their dollar do not really want something out of their donation, Spinneys Michael Wright did still compensate their kind hearts with 5 bonus points that should reflect on their loyalty account for every 1 dollar donation.

Spinneys CEO Michael Wright

Spinneys has a big heart to the people of Lebanon who has been very loyal to this company. Well, this giant supermarket is not only the best in providing quality goods such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh meat, fresh breads, fresh dairy products, fish and other supermarket products that supports healthy lifestyle and wellness as it is also effective in creating campaigns that would help the poor and the sick. We should give a round of applause to the leadership of CEO Michael Wright for continually producing give-back projects towards its loyal consumers.

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