My Concrete Garden: The Evolution of A Shadow.

This is one of the first pieces I ever wrote when I was around 15 years old, and it highlights how I felt as a black man trying to better myself. Enjoy,

A compilation of other shadows creates the darkness around me.

And there’s only one thing that could ever be a boundary,

For the ignorance and excellence of the darkness that surrounds me.

Some shadows call it the light,

Some call it white,

Some shadows see it as evil and some the only right,

That a shadow like them, or a shadow like me,

Is ever gone see!!!

Some shadows view it as a beast,

While in the mean time it’s what other shadows strive to be.

Why I gotta be a shadow??

How come I can’t be me????

I’m en-caged in darkness, but I don’t wanna leave.

I’m scared of what that bright light might make out of me!!!

If I leave and come back,

Will outshine the others???

If I come back brighter,

Am I still their brother?

So I often ask my self,

Which path is right??

Do i stay in the remnants of the dark,

Or venture out into the light???

I know shadows who left, and came back… other shadows expected,

But they indulged in the light…. so in darkness they are never really accepted.

I know shadows who left, and came back… other shadows expected,

And while they despise their time in the light……… they’re partially rejected.

Some shadows sneak out…… in hopes of never being detected.

But when they return

They soon learn

Of how other shadows expected…….

Them to come back into darkness,

And in return they’re neglected.

But this shadow has a theory,

I think I just might!!

I think I’m viewed in the darkness of other shadows…….

So they can’t see no light!!!!!!!

And I can’t explain my story,

Cause in the light, I’m only a shadow…..

So they ain't ever gone see no right!!!!!!

And I think them other shadows couldn't be mo’ right,

They told me,


But can a light, or a shadow, solve me this riddle?

Is there a place where the shadows and the lights can converse in the middle???


So now I got me a group of shadows,

And we’ about to take action,

They can brighten up the “darkness,” but they can’t take our passion!!!

We gone storm into the light in such a diligent fashion!!!!

They gone see the light dimmer, and then question

“What happened?”

And I’ll head back to the the darkness,

Just me and my crew,

And shout, “Look!!! Look at the path we’ve recreated for you!!!!”

And venture into the second path me and my shadows have created,

While the pioneers before us will shout,

“Happy Belated!!!!”

Congrats young shadows we’re glad that you’ve made it.

You’ve awaken us from the night mare of a dream that has faded……

But be sure to share with others what they need to do to save it……..

Cause history is a cycle,

So other shadows will destroy it just as quick as you’ve made it………….

So I find my self asking….


Why do I even try???

Cause I was born in the darkness………………………………..

And that’s where I’ll die.

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