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I watch a great deal of tennis and have witnessed Djokovic rise from a mentally suspect player into the robotic Grand Slam winning machine for which he is known. His recent “decline” is actually very easy to diagnose because it relates back to when he had just broken through into the top 20 or so ranked players. It was during this time whenever he faced inevitable adversity during a Match with other top 20 players, his defeatist body language foreshadowed his mind ultimately getting in the way of his game. Back then he was simply immature but to his credit he figured it out quickly. While his personal life is none of my business, getting married (and having a child ??) has tapped into his emotions (as it should) and he hasn’t yet figured out how to switch back into that machine-like champion when he “goes to work.” This is why what Roger Federer has been able to achieve over the past few years is extraordinary. I believe Djokovic will get it all back because he figured it out once before but people quickly forget how isolating professional tennis can be such that all the idle time out on the circuit could literally neuter a career when the player starts to think too much. In any event, thanks, I enjoyed reading your piece.

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