They should have just left us alone.

Like a cork floating in the ocean

But their ships, breaking the waves

dismantled our rafters

Bubbles that broke the surface of the ocean

had echoes of dying men-at least they died freemen

Who gave them the right?

Who thought it first

It was a conspiracy then actual theft

To sit at a table with bald heads

Glistening like light bulbs.

And divide us amongst themselves

Like a birthday cake

someone blew the candles

Another said congratulations

Imagine thatย , they all shook hands

As if turning our ancestors.

To sharecroppers was not enough

They were back again

Dissatisfied with cotton

The tried to make mud of our history

By imposing their culture on us

They destroyed kingdoms

And stole artefacts

Called our customs barbaric.

manipulated our traditional institutions

And the trespass was given a sweet name


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