Around the World, Pro-nuclear Lobbying Could Thwart Renewable Energy Development
Dr. M. K. Dorsey

Save Diablo Canyon was founded by James Hansen, Stewart Brand and dozens of world leading scientists and conservationists.

This has been on our web site since we launched in January 29, 2016:

We are a group of independent scientists and conservationists in California and from around the world who are concerned that PG&E — under pressure from political officials — will close California’s largest source of clean electricity: Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

We believe Californians are faced with an extraordinary opportunity to protect clean energy and win new coastal land conservation resulting from a settlement between the State and PG&E related to Diablo’s once-through-cooling system.

Our work is made possible by the volunteer labor and support of concerned citizens, including Rachel Pritzker and Roland Pritzker. This is an independent effort that does not and will not accept funding from any individual or entity with a financial interest in Diablo Canyon.

We need your help. Please add your name to the growing list of scientists and conservationists urging Governor Brown, PG&E, and California officials to protect clean air and California’s coastline. And please consider volunteering or making a donation.