How Product Design Decisions are Made
Tanner Christensen

Facebook design doesn’t solve any of user problems. It only serves profit.

Wonder exactly what problem Facebook design iterations solve. I see only one one—make people spend more time without getting any additional value for that: by making it more uncomfortable for a user to navigate Facebook, by making users stick to only algorithmic news feed, and making more reloads to get to what user want to see.

I mean really: hiding “Most Recent” news feed option in a mobile app very deep in submenu for a user not to be able to switch from that absolutely TERRIBLE news feed algorithm; not being able on mobile to access notifications anywhere outside main algorithmic news feed—hence, returning back to it even when there is no intention to read main news feed ; not being able on mobile and the web to get to own lists from any other section unless fully reload and visiting news feed homepage…

The list could go on and on. Every Facebook design change serves only one goal—make people waste more time not by getting more value, but by making it more complicated to extract the same value, and read only what Facebook makes money on.

Design that doesn't serve users is not design. If it is intended to trick users into wasting time, it is called hustle and scam.

People should not refer to Facebook look and UI saying “Facebook design”. It should be called “Facebook hustle”.

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