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Michael Bach Atlanta |he is a private value proficient that began his calling 16 years back. He began Scirage and was the Chief Executive Officer of Drezden Capital Advisors. Michael Bach Atlanta | Went to North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro and is an eminent veteran in the money related business, with a capable vocation, customer driven morals and clear business vision and authority.

In this article I would like to run through some of the top private equity training programs available today. It can be difficult to understand the benefits and disadvantages of each program so I hope to tease out some of these issues today. There are not a huge number of PE training programs because it is a relatively niche industry.

Michael Bach Atlanta | Private Equity Training dot com

Michael Bach Atlanta | This website is geared toward people who simply want to learn more about the industry but do not want to enroll in an intensive training program. The site offers prep materials on PE including a guide to the leveraged buyout (LBO) model, a general PE guide, or an interview guide. This is not your traditional training program but more of a resource provider. According to the site it is for investment bankers, consultants and students.

Michael Bach Atlanta | Certified Private Equity Professional

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, you may be interested in a professional certification. The Certified Private Equity Professional (CPEP) program is designed exclusively for those who work in the industry, would like to begin working for a buyout firm, or would like to better understand and serve their PE firm clients. The CPEP program is completed 100% online which agrees with many working professionals and students, or those that live outside the United States. This is a more intensive training program than some of the others available and gives participants a wide breadth of PE knowledge, rather than a strict focus on LBO modeling or another specific aspect. The program has a required reading list, several complimentary resources including career coaching videos and explanations of some of the complex aspects covered in the reading and more, as well as an exam that tests your knowledge of the industry.

Once you have passed the exam and completed the program (typically within 3–6 months) you will receive a designation that you can include on your resume showing that you have a strong knowledge of private equity and you have received training in the industry. Many participants view this as a valuable qualification to add to their resume separating themselves from other job candidates and increasing their confidence walking into an interview.

Michael Bach Atlanta | The Private Equity Institute

This program combines the classroom with online courses so it could be either convenient or inconvenient if you don’t live where the courses are offered. If you do not live in New York City though, you cannot enroll in this company’s class room courses and would have to take the online courses only. These courses cover many different aspects of PE from Private Placement Memorandums, legislation and SEC rules, marketing, valuation and investors. Depending on where you are or what you want to learn and where you are in your career this could be a helpful training program to consider.

Private Equity Seminars and Conferences

Michael Bach Atlanta | Now if you are super-busy and do not have any time to enroll in this program, the CPEP or PEI program might be a bad fit. Instead you should consider a short seminar or conference. These are typically 1–2 day conference in major cities that have speakers from PE firms but they do not often provide the kind of PE training that professionals are looking for.

I hope this has been a good overview of the top PE training programs out there today.

But… many private equity professionals could complete more training and compete better within this competitive industry.

Our team has put together a 100% online private equity training and certification program that provides you with career tools, resume feedback, career coaching, and video training modules. This program is called the Private Equity Certified Professional (CPEP) Designation Program.

To learn more about this program please visit https://michaelbachatlanta.wordpress.com/

Michael Bach Atlanta | With a star profession in the private value industry, began as CEO of a little top private value firm. The business veteran have a reasonable business vision, initiative and has superb emergency administration limit, which has helped him execute different corporate takeovers in the social insurance, transportation, circulation and many assembling disciplines.

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