Michael Basco’s 4 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Children

Michael Basco
Aug 2 · 3 min read
4 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Children

As parents, protecting your child’s health and caring for your family is the number one priority. From car seats to baby proofing the house, there are a multitude of methods that mothers and fathers undertake to ensure their child is as safe as possible at all times. However, pharmaceutical professional Michael Basco of Dallas, Texas, who specializes in evidence-based medicine solutions, claims that there is one danger often overlooked: disease.

Childhood diseases can have grave consequences for your loved ones, but many of them can be easily prevented through vaccination. In fact, there are currently vaccines for over fourteen diseases in the United States, allowing parents to take matters into their own hands and safeguard their child’s health before it’s too late. After all, there is nothing more important when it comes to your child than ensuring their safety. Continue reading for Michael Basco’s expert opinion on the top four reasons to vaccinate your children.

1. Vaccines Save Lives

First and foremost, vaccination saves lives. According to Michael Basco, if you are only looking for one reason to vaccinate your child, it should be this one. Vaccination is the only way to reduce your child’s chances of contracting a serious disease. Thanks to significant advancements in medical science, the number of diseases that your child can be vaccinated against is growing. Consequently, public health services have expanded to facilitate these scientific innovations, making it easier than ever to get vaccinated.

According to Michael Basco, one main reason why parents choose not to vaccinate their children is because they think there is little to no chance of their child contracting the disease. However, diseases are not limited to geographic borders. Just because a certain disease isn’t currently prevalent, or even existent, in the country in which you live, doesn’t mean it can’t easily enter the region. All it takes is one infected person who flies in from another country where the disease is more common, for it to be spread near your home.

Likewise, if you plan on travelling to other countries or continents where different diseases exist, vaccinating your child is of the utmost importance. For example, the United States experienced a small measles outbreak in 2014 that was linked to unvaccinated travelers from the Philippines, a nation that was experiencing a large measles outbreak at the time. Thus, when it comes to vaccination, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Vaccines Are Safe

Receiving a vaccine has never been safer. All vaccines are tested extensively and reviewed by scientists, doctors, and other medical professionals before being approved. Only the safest, most effective vaccines are then administered to the public. Michael Basco claims that the most common side effects of vaccination are mild discomfort caused by the injection. Redness or tenderness are typically the worst of it, and he reassures parents that allergic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare. Overall, the pain caused by vaccination is nothing compared to the pain caused by the diseases that the vaccines prevent.

3. Vaccines Protect Future Generations

Michael Basco claims that in addition to reducing the percentage of the population that contracts a disease, vaccines also have the ability to eliminate a disease entirely. Polio and smallpox are two examples of diseases that were once prominent but no longer exist due to vaccination. As a result, children today do not receive smallpox vaccines because there is no longer a risk of contracting the disease. Thus, if we continue to vaccinate our children, we pave the way for another disease to be wiped out. This will prevent future generations from even having to ponder whether to vaccinate their child against a disease or not, because it will no longer exist.

4. Vaccines Are Cost-Effective

Simply put, vaccinating your child means that they are less likely to get sick. When a child is sick, they are forced to stay home from school or daycare. If a working parent must be at home to care for a sick child, they miss workdays, which in some cases can result in lost wages. Furthermore, Michael Basco wishes to remind parents of the financial burden that can come from caring for a child with a vaccine-preventable disease. Some of these diseases can have major health effects that result in costly medical bills and even long-term care.

Michael Basco

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Experienced Medical Director with extensive experience in healthcare, managed care, and health IT.

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