NC Millennials: Least Republican Generation of All

Plot Twist: They are also the least Democrat.

Political Party affiliation seems to have reached a new low. The percent of registered voters who are affiliated with either party, with exception, declines with each successive generation.

It seems that Democrats have lost the largest proportion of voters to unaffiliation, dropping nearly 14% of the voter base from the Silent Generation to the Millennials. But Republicans have not come out unscathed, losing about 9% of the voter base. Of course, this necessitates that the unaffiliated voting bloc has now gained about 23 percentage points. This finding seems to reflect patterns going on at the national level as well. Unaffiliation is a national phenomenon and NC’s numbers are not remarkably different than the national averages.

However, there is still one party that seems to be growing in popularity… the Libertarians have increased their membership a whopping 1,500% across the generations! Moving them from a miniscule 0.06% to a slightly less miniscule 0.15% and the party appears to be attracting exponential growth.

Next week we will examine the hypothesis that “Independent voters are really just closet Republicans.”

All Data Comes from North Carolina’s State Board of Elections.

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