The History of the North Shore Country Club

With a degree in engineering from Northwestern University in Chicago, Michael Chezan went on to the real estate development business with a company called Grand Properties. He also founded Elite Urban Education, which focuses on early childhood education, and Kidz Academy, which provides a unique approach to urban child care. When not at work, Michael Chezan enjoys golf, especially at the North Shore Country Club in Chicago.

The North Shore Country Club had its beginnings back in 1900, when a few wealthy golf enthusiasts began searching for the right place to open a course on Lake Michigan’s shores. The plot of land they decided on had a road running through it, which didn’t seem like too much of a problem at the very beginning of the era of automobiles. As Chicago’s population and the popularity of cars grew, the road began to pose a real distraction from the game.

The course moved to a new, more expensive location in Kenilworth in 1917, sold a mere six years later for a price too fine to refuse. The members agreed to move one last time to a 170-acre plot of farmland in Glenview, a northern suburb. The firm of Colt, MacKenzie, and Allison took on the job of designing and building the new course and clubhouse, which had their official opening in 1924. The North Shore Country Club has been there ever since.

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