A RackaRacka Review!

You take a message, make that message Australian related, put elements of comedy in to it, and what do you get. A RackaRacka video. The clip I will be reviewing is the sketch, Don’t Drink Swim.


What I find amazing is that, you made use of your location and the surroundings about it. I don’t know how far ahead you planned for this sketch, but it was executed well. The positives about this is that even though this your classic RackaRacka style, you still managed to make a serious statement about drinking and what that can do to your body. Having the professor there has a very structured placeholder, in which he is the main focus for information, cause nobody else can really explain what happening cause little miss Daisy is dead/dying. However, there were some aspects that didn’t make sense which I think you could improve on, and that is the continuity. I know it is a small thing, but people do notice it. It is important to keep that continuity there because it can distract the audience when they do see it. Another thing is your sound design. I know you guys like to be over the top with your SFX, but sometimes being over the top is not the best option. Dasiy landing in the water was one of my main gripes with the SFX, because it is just such and unrealistic sound, and knowing your not going for a realsitc approach is understandable, but your sometimes need to think about what sound would best suit this situation and how could I improve it.

Now for the good stuff. Like it was said in the paragraph above, the use of the professor was a good choice to have. he is pretty much the middle ground in the problem thats at hand. It was very interesting to also let him die in the same vain as the three in the car, by drinking in the water. Which shows that even smart people can be dumb enough to make those mistakes. And as per-usual, your comedic timing is always spot-on. You two really do go into detail about who says what and when they say it. It always feels like it is a real situation before the stuff hits the fan. Camerawork is spot-on, being calm and smooth during the drinking segments and then frantic and out of place in the panic moments. And slapstick is always a win in my books and you guys always give the best slapstick comedy every time. And boy, your actors and actresses are top-notch. Bringing in everything they have, they always give 300% effort in your videos. Which is an important thing to have.

Your attention to detail, the camerawork that you put it, the story, the comedic timing and slapstick, all these things were done and performed to the best of what you had at your disposal. Aside from the over the top sound effects and the conitnuity errors in the film, i believe i can see you guys going to places far beyond Australia, maybe Hollywood. I hope to see more of your work in the future and all the best in the years to come.

If you wanna see the video guys, click the link down below.

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