Media, can it help me?!

I am glad that you asked me that friendo. Let’s break it down. We use media everyday without realising it because it has become part of our daily routine, we don’t even take a second glance into why we use it and why we love it. I constanlty use for ideas and inspiration, to create content of my own. Things like Youtube, Facebook, Games, Films, etc, all have a basis of how we identify with ourselves and other around us. For now, I will use myself to tell you the type of things that media has done for me.


I make friends and watch stolen videos on it. Nothing much can be fixed about it Mark Zucerburg.


This is where the magic happens. Youtube is a place for people to share their ideas. And if by people, you mean fifteen year old girls and by ideas of how they love 1D and JB. But every now and again, you find a diamond in the rough and you are inspired to use the idea of that idea and make your own idea out of that idea. Make sense? Youtube, is not the best place to find the up and coming people of the world, but it does recognise important social issues. People like Tyler Oakly who stand up for gay rights while showing he is a kind person at heart. And then gamers like Pewdiepie, the biggest subscriber on Youtube, pretty much has the power to change how Youtube works. Which is pretty snazzy if you ask me.


Gaming have changed the face of interaction and emotion in todays society. The streaming website Twitch is at the forefront of this revolution. When you think of gaming as a job, most usually assume that it’s only a job for a game tester, but now with the inclusion of streaming whatever your playing, people now make a living off of this. It works through a donation system which inturn provides the user with money. Streaming is a hard job but it is a fun job for people who like to game and such.


This one obviously has it right. Film is the basic world we live in. without Film, none of todays Social Media outlets would be here. Somewhere down the line it would have happened, but that moment has been prevented because of the creation of Film and the Internet. Props to that guy who made the Internet.

Today, we stand with the world at our feet. Which comes in the form of a cellphone. Social Media has shaped our world for either better or worse, we won’t know until a hundred years from now. But we have to remember that everything was built of top of the idea of what happens when you can make a moving picture.

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