Old memories are back in my pocket!

Imagin living in a world where you can carry around a virtual pet, trainning it and feeding it. Well imagin no more, because now we have an amazing new idea called Tamagotchi! A virtual pet that you can carry around with you wherever you g-wait! We already have that. Back in the 90’s. It was like owning an iPhone, but better. And now, well, they are coming back. In fact, a lot of 80’s and 90’s ideas and trends are coming back into modern socity. Let’s list some of them shall we. :)


Well, I already talked about this. ON TO THE NEXT ITEM!

So cool.

Leather Pants

Rememeber that one episode of Friends where Ross wore Leather Jeans to look cool for his date, but couldn’t take them back off cause the sweat was making the pants stick to his legs? Yeah, well now you can relive that time of awkward pants removal again! Cause this is sadly coming back into the fashion world!

Look at them sweet legs!

Jazz Trumpet and Saxaphone

Songs that were made during 2000–2012 didn’t really have an amazing depth of sound to their pop and RnB soundtracks. But in 2013, some song which I could have easily looked up, but though, maybe I should let the reader go on a little Scavenger Hunt and try to find that song. But 2013 was the year that style and “swagger” came into the mix and started changing the sound of pop singles. Talk Dirty, Uptown Funk, Treasure are just some of the popular songs that included a old sound to a new beat.

And there are a few more, but my mother just called and said I have a doctors appointment at the dentist. So, have a good day!

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