What do I like?! Let me tell you by showing you…

Obviously I know what I like, but you guys don’t. So, I have decided to show you my interests because i think of you like family, but like the silent cousin that sits in the back waiting for something to happen and pounces in to it.


I love comedy, more than I should. So I love seeing comedy done right and these videos are some of my favorites.

Enjoy the videos, if you don’t like them, don’t worry. I won’t tell your parents about what happned last week. ;)


I love gaming as much as the next WOW player, but I have a few videos which I hope you enjoy. These are comedy videos as well, but in the sense that playing video games and making jokes about them is considered comedy. WARNING: Content not appropiate to people who have kids running around.

The men of Funhaus. And Markiplier. And some other guy.


As a filmmaker, I love getting ideas and plans for how I can improve on my Filmmaking. And also enjoy the odd action scene as well. Enjoy.

Need Ideas or such, these videos have helped me get some and create some.

So where does this leave us? Here, at the end of this blog post. Have fun with the videos readers.

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