Who Inspired A Great Mind?

Across the board, the’re are many people who inspired me to go into the culture and world of Film. So boiling it down to just a few people is more difficult than I thought. But, I managed to pull through and give you my top three inspirations for my jorney into the Film medium.

WHO’S HAND IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Edgar Wright

This amazing beast of a director is one of the very first people that I can say have given me my passion for becoming a Filmmaker. One of the first Films I ever saw of his was his adaptation of the graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim VS The World. At a personal standpoint, seeing all the visual flare this Film had was mind blowing. I knew straight away that this was the begining of something scary but awesome. Everything about the film caught my attention; The Music, Sound Design, Cinematography, SFX, etc. It all combined into one big action packed film. Which when comparied to Edgar’s other Films, is easy to tell why they got him to do the film, due to his unique flare for detail and style.

The Man Himself!

Quenten Tarantino

One of the bigger names on this list, Quenten is another person who has inspired me. Not so much in the Director side of things, but in the way of story telling. This is what made him a heavy weight in the Film community. His use of character development never seems forced, and when it does, it’s usually done in an ironic sense, like the characters know the backstory is stupid and amazing at the same time. This is shown in the Film, Pulp Fiction. With the characters all having an over the top kind of story to themselves. Which is personally amazing to be able to give that sense of interest with a crappy conversation.

He’s too cool for the stupid Lizard Men!!!!!

Freddie Wong

The smallest Filmmaker on this list, Freddie grew to fame with his former co-director Brandon J Laatsch, on Youtube, making action-comedy sketches. Starting off the channel freddiew, before changing it to Rocket Jump, named after a video they uploaded on Youtube. Within the first six years of their Filmmaking jobs, they have grown a massive amount of online and real life fans. This lead them to make and produce and Webseries called “Video Game Highschool” which was their first and most successful attempt at making a popular web seires. Which then went on to make two more seasons, adding up to three in total. This channel and it’s crew had shown me what can happen with internet fame and how much of a powerhouse you can become just by starting of on Youtube, a video networking site.

Is That It?!

Well, yeah. I mean, I have different opinions from everybody else. But these are my personal reasons of why I wanted to go into filmmaking and who has inspired me to do so.

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