Announcing the best #epicbattle screenshot winners! Community update, January 18, 2019

Michael Deon
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Hey everyone!

We hope that the first month of 2019 is treating you well! We, at the Augmentors HQ, have already put our heads down to work to bring you all the amazing things that we have planned for Q1 & Q2 that you saw on our previous community update. As mentioned before, from now on we’ll be releasing updates to the game every two weeks, as we feel it pertinent to ensure that our updates to you are meaningful and full of juicy info.

Speaking of juicy info what is more exciting and juicy than sharing the winners of the Holiday #epicbattle competition, right? Keep reading to find out who the winners are!

Holiday best #epicbattle shot winners

You are the ones who determined the winners, so thank you for voting for your favorite #epicbattle shot! If you need to refresh your memory, check out the shortlist here to see who made the shortlist. And the winners are…

In 3rd place: T.Belgium with Azul vs Markik
Congratulations T.Belgium, you’ve won 300 DTBs

Azul vs Markik by T.Belgium

In 2rd place: Sonius94 with Galaghos vs Chroma
Congratulations Sonius94, you’ve won 300 DTBs

Galaghos vs Chroma by Sonius94

And Incubo goes to… Bef with Incubo vs Sha
Congratulations Bef you’ve won the epic Incubo and 400 DTBs

Incubo vs Sha by Bef


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