Hi everyone,

After four incredible years, Kyle Haffenden and I are stepping down from our roles at Augmentors. We both remain shareholders of the company but we’ll no longer be operationally involved. Gert and the team support our decision, and we have the utmost faith that they will continue delivering an epic game.

When we started this journey four years ago, we set out to launch a multiplayer mobile battle game and to bring creatures to life in the real world using AR. …

Hey guys! In today’s update, we reveal a brand new creature that will be in the next deployment coming out on Monday, February 18, we also give you another sneak-peek of an ICO creature. As we’ve discussed in the last couple of updates, we’re dedicating our all of our time in Q1 to core gameplay development and onboarding. So, this is the last creature release until Q2, you can see the rest of our plans for Q1 and Q2 in our Roadmap.

On another note, we’ve been accepted onto Blockfolio! We’ll be sending out our first signal today, and will…

Hey everyone!

We hope that the first month of 2019 is treating you well! We, at the Augmentors HQ, have already put our heads down to work to bring you all the amazing things that we have planned for Q1 & Q2 that you saw on our previous community update. As mentioned before, from now on we’ll be releasing updates to the game every two weeks, as we feel it pertinent to ensure that our updates to you are meaningful and full of juicy info.

Speaking of juicy info what is more exciting and juicy than sharing the winners of…

Hey guys! As we start to wrap up 2018, we asked our current top 3 players to share a little bit about themselves, their gameplay strategies, their fiercest competition and why they’re excited to be on the Augmentors journey with us.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy learning more about BBristow, Sonius94 and T.Belgium (and take them on for that coveted top spot over the holidays).

Who exactly are the top 3?

Both Sonius94 and T.Belgium hail from Europe, while BBristow dominates in Canada. We asked each of them to tell us a little bit about themselves as gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.


Brent, otherwise known as BBristow, says…

Hey guys! In this week’s update, we reveal a brand new creature that we’re sure you’ll love. We also go through some updates to the shield VFX and give you another sneak-peek of an ICO creature. Enjoy!

Welcome, Modock!

Modock is one of the many Augmentors that was called to war in the Northern Planes on the arrival of Dark Rhule. Modock is a mercenary who battles for the highest bidder. Whilst he stands in a neutral position on the war, he is a mighty foe not to be toyed with.

Modock will be available in Tanzanite, Amethyst and Citrine Portal packs…

Hey guys! In this week’s update, I go through some changes in the shield VFX that will be in the next deployment, available in the app stores by Tuesday, November 27. We also reveal a brand new creature and give you another sneak peek of an ICO creature. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Bello Realm, Galaghos!

Here’s a never-before seen creature that is included in next week’s release. You’ll stand a chance of getting him when you purchase either a Tanzanite, Amethyst or Amber Portal in the Store. You can see what you get in each portal here.

Galaghos dwells within the swamplands of the Bog Marsh…

Hey guys! In this week’s update we show a preview of the completely overhauled UI — we also reveal another never-before seen creature and give a sneak-peek of an ICO creature. Enjoy!

UI overhaul

As we mentioned in last week’s update, a team from Apple gave us some valuable feedback and suggestions on our UI. Taking into consideration their recommendations as well as the feedback from the community, we’ve overhauled our UI. The biggest change you’ll notice is that we’ve changed the main UI colors from gold & bronze to black, silver and blue.

The reason for this change is that the…

Hey guys! In this week’s update we announce the three winners of our Halloween Spell Competition, we also reveal a brand new, never-before-seen creature that will be playable from the new deployment next week. We also give you sneak-peek of a few ICO creatures — we hope you enjoy the read!

Spell Competition — It was a spooktacular affair!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Spell Competition — we were blown away by all the unique and creative entries — you really made our judging job tough! The judging team were provided an anonymous list of entries and after much deliberation and debating, decided on our three…

Hi everyone!

Trick or Treat? Augmentors has decided to mark All Hallows’ Eve with a fun competition!

Augmentors Spell competition

Create your very own unique spell and we might build it into the game! Strategically using Spells is a very important part of your game strategy, so here is your chance to influence what Spells are in the game. What do you need to do? Be creative, unique and innovative and try and include the Halloween theme! Imagine the ultimate Spell that you’d like to play with and tell us all about it! …

Hey guys! I have a very exciting update for you this week! As some of you know, we implemented the first phase of the Augmentor / Shadowmentor faction part of the game in the soft launch release. We’ll discuss this and show you all 10 skin variations. PLUS we reveal a never before seen creature that will be playable in the next deployment at the end of October.

Augmentors Vs. Shadowmentors

I hope you’re all up to date on the Augmentors Lore! It’s time for humans to declare their allegiance to Dark Rhule or Solar. This means that if you choose to align…

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