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A resident of Kansas City, Missouri, Michael Emmons has found success as an entrepreneur in a range of industries. Among his ventures, Michael Emmons operates a successful security alarm business that serves the Kansas City region.

Alarm monitoring systems may employ one of three types of monitoring methods, as detailed below.

1. Landline: The cheapest monitoring method, a landline connection uses a phone line to communicate with the security center. This is the most dated and least secure method.

2. Broadband: Broadband monitoring links to a security center via an Internet connection. Although this method is typically faster and more secure than a landline, it relies on the quality of the Internet connection to work properly.

3. Cellular: The most expensive option, cellular monitoring methods use a cellular uplink to communicate. This is the fastest and most user-friendly option, and has become the new standard for security alarm systems.

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Throughout a career spanning more than three decades, Michael Emmons of Kansas City has helped a number of businesses achieve significant growth.

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