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Michael Emmons stands out as a leader of a Kansas City, Missouri-based alarm system company, which has grown to do $70 million in business per year. Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of system capabilities, Michael Emmons continues to oversee the alarm dealership’s sales.

When choosing a home alarm system and its features, you need to consider the level of security that you need as well as your budget. Some systems offer the potential for introductory packages, which include the most basic features, while others provide more advanced options, such as remote access capabilities and home automation. Experts recommend that buyers consider all of a company’s options, as individuals’ and families’ needs may change as time goes on.

Buyers should also consider what type of monitoring is available. Broadband, cellular, and landline monitoring all offer certain benefits, with cellular being the most adaptable and landline being the most reliable for local customers. An alarm company can more thoroughly explain options and help a customer to make decisions.

Finally, the shopper should determine whether professional installation or self-installation is best. Many new customers prefer the convenience and peace of mind that comes with professional installation, provided that they can afford the fee.

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Throughout a career spanning more than three decades, Michael Emmons of Kansas City has helped a number of businesses achieve significant growth.

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