The Ultimate Latin hack, #2: Puns
Michael Fontaine

To dispel any shyness I’ll go first. Here are a few more puns I’ve collected:—

  1. Adeam ad eam?, “Should I go to her?” Sounds just like the guy at the start of Terence’s Eunuch (and that may not be totally accidental).
  2. Cum eo eo eo eo quod eum amo, “I’m going there with him because I love him.” This was #10 in my first list of hacks (and now you see why).
  3. Pugno pugnas pugnat, “He fights battles with a fist.”
  4. Dabis veniam, si non veniam! “Pardon me if I won’t be coming.” (For that polite imperative, see hack #2 here.)
  5. Parendum est parentibus, “You should obey your parents.” This one could be expanded with parere, “to appear.”