New merchandise!

Today I have made available a couple of new festive and nerdy designs for you to get you into the holiday spirit! (Yes, I know it’s early, but I want to make sure they arrive before December.)

Check out the new festive designs!

First up, is Ninja Cat riding a fire breathing unicorn in a faux knitted style design, so it fulfils the festive jumper/ugly sweater vibe we all go for. This is available on t-shirts, jumpers and even face masks and in a range of colour options.

Check out the Happy Holiday merch today.

Thanks for all your support over the past 2 years!

Today marks 2 years of WallpaperHub and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support! Over the years I’ve added over 1,800 wallpapers and you have downloaded them several million times!

To celebrate I have two things to share with you…

A 20% Discount and New Merch

To mark this occasion, I am offering a 20% discount on the WallpaperHub Merch store for the next 2 weeks! Use the voucher code “PCT10LQXLEJW” to get 20% off at the checkout.

But there’s more! There are three new t-shirt designs in the Store including a t-shirt with a Ninja Cat Microsoft badge

An end of an era.

I was holiday in 2014 in Florida when I bought my second ever Surface device, the newly released Surface Pro 3 and it’s been my daily driver ever since. Once the excitement of the Disney World had worn off and we were chilling by the pool I can remember setting the device up and quickly replacing my old PC with this shiny new one.

As the years have gone on so the device has been a real champ. It’s enabled me to design wallpapers and then go on to build WallpaperHub, BuildBingo and a few other Microsoft related projects. I…

A sound choice

For just over 2 weeks I have been using the Surface Earbuds and it’s about time I shared my thoughts of them with you. Firstly, it’s worth knowing that I own a pair of first-generation Surface Headphones and some wired USB C headphones that came with my Galaxy Note 10+, these are the devices I’ll be comparing the Earbuds too.

Out Running

This topic might come as a surprise to; it’s a surprise to me for sure. …

Customise your wardrobe and home, not just your background

Today I’m pleased to announce something new for WallpaperHub: Merchandise! You’ve shown your love of the original wallpaper designs and now they are available in more ways for you to enjoy from t-shirts to phone cases. Explore the new WallpaperHub Merch Store now.

But wallpaper designs aren’t the only things available; I’ve also created some nerdy and Microsoft related items to purchase such as a Blue Shirt of Death (BSoD) and a towel to help you be like your code, DRY.

On the Store you will find a few categories to help navigate the various designs:

My goodness you are a talented lot! In late February I asked on Twitter if people wanted to make some wallpapers based off the default Windows wallpaper or the operating system’s logo and you did not disappoint!

Fluent Windows by Genrole Caspe

There were outlined logos, dark themes, some were inspired by Fluent Design whilst others took a humorous take on a Windows wallpaper. View the Windows Wallpaper Collection.

Unsurprisingly they proved very popular with fans of Windows, Microsoft and wallpapers.

Having seen the popularity and the talent of you all I think there is more we can do and so for the course of…

WallpaperHub has been rebuilt from the ground up with a new look and new features and is available today!

Over the last several months I have been working on rewriting WallpaperHub to improve the website’s performance, refine the UI and offer new features — today I am pleased to announce that I am making it live! It doesn’t come on it’s own though, there is a new logo and new wallpapers too.

Before the year is out I want to share this with you all! Check out the new WallpaperHub now!

New Logo

With such a big change to the site I wanted to bring about a refresh of the site’s logo too and here it is!

The new WallpaperHub logo

You might recognise the…

An open source project to bring Microsoft’s Fluent Design System to the web

Over the past few years I have found myself recreating Microsoft’s various design styles for multiple websites and as the company has consolidated its look around the Fluent Design System so the need for different UIs has reduced. This has now got to a point where I am often just recreating the same Fluent look (often involving copying from one project to another, urgh). This is obviously not a good way to work and I’ve wanted to create something where the work is done only once and usable on any site. On top of that I have often been asked…

For the past few years I have created an interactive game, Build Bingo, to play during Microsoft’s Build keynotes and 2019 is no different.

Play Build Bingo on May 6th

This year sees more phrases than ever before with a number of new additions, including:

  • Edge (Chromium)
  • Foldable PCs
  • Lite
  • Microsoft 365
  • Modern Desktop
  • Tech Intensity
  • Windows Core OS (WCOS)

If there are any words or phrases you think should be added then please let me know on Twitter, @MichaelGillett

The site has also had a fresh look applied that mirrors that of this year’s Build branding. I have emulated some of the Fluent Design elements…

Today, not only is seeing in the new year but it is also seeing in a new set of features that welcomes Creators to the site.

The Creators’ Update (yes, I went there with the naming)

The Creators’ Update allows for you to have your own work showcased on the site (if you want) and it will make it easier for you to find more of the wallpapers you like.

A new carousel on the WallpaperHub homepage

First, you notice a new carousel on the homepage that shows the Creators on the site, clicking on a Creator’s avatar will take you to that their page.

Michael Gillett

Windows Insider MVP (MVP since 2012) | Lead Web Dev based in Camden, London

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