Rogue One’s soundtrack is beautiful

I’ve seen Rogue One 3 times now and each time the soundtrack has grown on me, now I think it’s beautiful

Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

The first time I watched Rogue One I found the soundtrack odd, almost jarring, and I think it came down to the lack of the familiar Star Wars tunes. It was as though the soundtrack wanted to be inspired by what we recognize as Star Wars but not copy it exactly. Yes there are some familiar themes but they are few and far between.

That could well be explained by the fact that John Williams didn’t compose the score, instead Michael Giacchino did. Its not only the Star Wars themes that are skirted around because there are some pieces that sound like they are straight out of Jurassic Park too. Maybe Giacchino tried to emulate Williams wider style and not just the Star Wars one.

Perhaps, just like the film, the score is meant to be similar to but not like the Star Wars films we know. This is a brave new world for the franchise with this not being episodic; the fact there’s no opening text visually shows this and the score acoustically shows this.

However, having watched the film a couple more times and through listening to the soundtrack I’ve come to appreciate the Rogue One score far more than I initially did. This is a thing of beauty.

There’s some great pieces here that really support what’s happening on the screen but also stand up just as well when listening to the soundtrack. I can see myself listening to this album a lot, it could even be a good one to listen to whilst working.

In fact, I might go as far to say that track titled Hope might be my favorite piece, the way it moves from the familiar sinister imperial theme to the hope-filled rebellion theme is brilliant. My only probably with it is that it is not long enough.

What do you think to the soundtrack? Does it stand up against Williams’ work?

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