Using Reverse Closes To Enroll New Clients

Many coaches and trainers are badly mis informed about sales. They think it is some kind of slimy shit. In fact sales is where love for the client and self respect meet each other.

Love for the prospect to call then out on their bullshit and feel the call to arms, the obligation to hunt the prospect down if he really needs your service.

Self respect to not sacrifice your values and work with destructive clients.

An awesome way for noobies is to first understand this paradigm shift, you simply exchange value for value.

If you still have problems asking for the sale and closing a prospect then following 2 patterns I have for you is going to be a gamechanger.

These 2 patterns are called reverse closes.

What is a reverse close?

A reverse close is a closing pattern that makes the prospect qualify and come up with reasons why he should work with you.

2 powerful reverse closes:

1) how would working with me solve your biggest 3 challenges?

2) what would you think are the greatest benefits of working with me?

I believe if you’re having issues asking for the sale it comes to lack of confidence.

Lack of knowing your worth,

Lack of programme value,

Lack of knowledge that you have the goods.

Use these reverse closes and witness magic.