Additional Contributions in the 2016 Election Cycle
Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin, I am trying to modernizing how candidates run for office so that they can spread their message directly to the people in the location(s) they are running in without spending money. This will help to offset the effects of money in politics and help people become engaged in their community’s political process. My friends and I have not voted in state & local races in recent years due to lack information. grew out of this desire to learn about and interact with our candidates and elected officials while also having a place to discuss issues and share events with our city, county, state, or college campus. Here is a walkthrough video I created We have plans to redesign the site after the election is over to highlight the location, campus, and elected official features — Ulection is relevant year round. Please message me on here or through the Ulection contact form if you’d like to play a part in this. We recently launched and have big plans and ambitions to modernize politics and engage a generation that is online.

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