Why We Need a Social Network for Politics

According to the Washington Post, 91% of the time in US elections the candidate with the most money wins the election. This puts pressure on candidates and incumbents to raise money which they can use for advertisements and media coverage. Unfortunately, these advertisements usually lack substance and the media stories do not paint a complete picture of a candidate. This leaves most people voting for the candidate with the name recognition, not necessarily the one who best represents their interests. Simply put, the way citizens connect, engage, and learn about candidates needs to be modernized. And that is why Ulection.com is so important.

With Facebook and Twitter, candidates and officials are hidden behind a sea of people, making them difficult for citizens to find and connect with. Ulection fixes this problem by organizing candidates and officials into their respective location, office, and election. Simply go to your city, county, or state page and easily connect with your candidates and officials who have joined Ulection.

With Facebook and Twitter, information on a user’s wall is not well organized which makes it difficult to find the issues you are looking for. Ulection fixes this problem by organizing posts by topic and allowing users to share post types of issues, polls, interviews, speeches, and events. Simply go to a candidates, officials, or citizens profile and browse through their topics to find where they stand on the issues. This organized and efficient flow of information empowers citizens to become well-informed and capable of casting an educated vote on election day. Furthermore, Ulection allows user’s to share posts with the location in which they live, their college campus, network of followers, or the nation as a whole so posts can be targeted to those who were meant to see it and not only followers.

With Facebook and Twitter, social and political organizations operating in your community are hidden among millions of groups and pages, making them difficult to find, join, or support. Ulection fixes this by organizing social and political organizations by location, topic, and type so you can easily find organizations and be involved in political and social movements — not just the ones making national headlines, but the ones taking place in your community.

As for the issue of money in politics, Ulection can fix this among the demographic of Americans who use a computer — those who rely on TV commercials and flyers will remain reliant on a candidate’s advertising. As Ulection allows candidates to share issues, polls, interviews, speeches, and events with the locations they are running in, this allows citizens to easily learn who their candidates are and what they stand for. When citizens and candidates are using Ulection, no money or media coverage is needed.

The final issue that Ulection was created to fix is the disengagement between citizens and their elected officials. It is difficult for elected officials to adequately gauge public opinion as very few citizens actually interact with their elected officials. Ulection fixes this engagement problem by providing a dedicated space for elected officials to share policy proposals and updates directly to the location they represent — and citizens can provide feedback! We’ve created tools to help elected officials gauge the public’s reactions to their posts so they can learn how to create policy that is more representative of the interests of their community.

In summary, voter turnout in America is at an all time low while disengagement between citizens and their candidates and elected officials is at an all time high. Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting friends and sharing national trending headlines, but neither was created to connect whole communities of cities, counties, states, or college campuses with the issues that matter to them. This is why it is necessary for us to have a social network for politics that allows citizens, candidates, and elected officials to connect and shape the communities in which we live.

As a millennial who has grown up using social media, I have wanted a place to discuss substantive issues and a place to connect with the community in which I live, the candidates running to represent me, and the elected officials who create the policy that effects my life. Now with Ulection, the tools are all there for this to take place.

Ulection.com is your social network for politics