There’s a chat for that: Apple’s biggest platform opportunity yet
Matt Galligan

Clearly change is hard. Is apple really trying so hard to be the next BlackBerry? It goes like this, first step release the same phone over and over with just a name change, next step roll out our unique messaging experience thats unique to our devices. WTF!!! Apple really the new BlackBerry, has a nice ring to it though .. This is an okay move move but it wont make a dent on messenger or Whatsapp or hike or android OS. Android Nougat is pushing the frontiers of mobile, with features like instant apps, and what does apple give me, force touch?(Insert a crazy meme).Why do companies try so hard to do the same thing over and over expecting different results!!!!!!

Iphone sales are slowing down, and the best thing they do is what? Build a building or do you prefer it as Apple HQ? As if that changes anything? Tim is clearly losing it. Listen Apple! Make no mistake Generation Z is here and we don’t give a damn about brand, we crave for an experience. So give us one or just fade away like BlackBerry. (Drops mic)..

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