Thanks for articulating how the telco sees things.
Oo Nwoye

You mentioned Saya, regarding Saya,I watched Saya pitch at the tech-disrupt event, one investor asked them which platforms they sought to build it on. They answered that there focus is on the feature phones,which are many in here i agree. But they couldn't manage to raise a round in the event. Sounds surprising! not really. While one may be quick to cite how hard it is for black founders to raise money in silicon valley etc and there is a viable argument in that, they including MXit(Which actually went bankrupt and is now officially dead for like two years now)couldn't stand a chance against Whatsapp because Whatsapp was built to solve huge problems in the future not the present. Smartphones are the future whether in Africa or in any part of the world. The moral of this response is that especially in tech, African companies need to start operating in the future, USSD & SMS solutions are great but they are not the future. We need to operate in the future meaning i totally disagree on relying on telcos and singing to there tunes so that you can solve your users problems. They are not the future, OTT services are. No investor is going to back solutions based on the present. Pure & simple and if he is,than its just wasting it down the drain. All am saying is building businesses around telcos is dangerous, you build a company that will stand the test of time. How are Telcos the future? I just don’t see.

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