The Health Benefits of Drumming

Michael Ikossi, an accomplished student, divided his time between studying for a bachelor’s in languages and culture at Loyola University, New Orleans, and working for different restaurants, Habitat for Humanity, and a grassroots campaign. A passionate musician, Michael Ikossi has also served as the band leader and drummer of both a rock and jazz band.

Most people simply view drumming in its musical context — as an activity that promotes good rhythm and provides a good beat. However, drumming also offers several health benefits to those who play, some of which are included below.

1. Boosts immune system. Drumming in a group has been found to increase the activity of white blood cells. These cells target and destroy cancer cells and other viruses. As a result, the body is better protected.

2. Improves cognitive functioning. For most individuals, the two sides of the brain operate at varying levels and rates, but because drumming stimulates both sides of the brain, it can help them work together in harmony. This synchronization can lead to greater creativity and insight. Some studies have also found that drumming can promote intellectual development.

3. Combats stress and depression. Despite the physical effort that often goes into drumming, the activity can be meditative and induce relaxed mental states. Studies have found that drumming can reduce blood pressure and, thus, decrease a person’s risk of stroke and heart attack. Drumming can also be very therapeutic for individuals with a range of neurological conditions.

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