Coffee Lips


And good lips

On the brim

Of a cup

Like the hands

You held

Mine in.


Like ridges

Those same strong

Valleys in your mind.

What past

Have you left

To find my present?

You amaze me

You do

With the fact that

You like me.

How, how can that be

When I feel far

From sexy.

Let’s not forget

The hint of shame

That adds to the rush

Of the caffeine.

It’s cold

So I’m shivering

Your warm

So I’m nestling

On your lips

I’m smiling,

Finally happy.

Let’s not stop there

Oh, please, it’s fair

To put your legs

Up on me.

Grab me from

The hair

Kiss me twice

If you dare

For once

I’m fine

With all me.

A shiver kiss,

Rushing bliss,

Scented chest


Like whiskey.

Simple words

Spoken clean.

It’s clear this

Started all from coffee.

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