Does MyPillow Come in Firm or Soft?

Michael Litchfield
Apr 20, 2018 · 3 min read

The My Pillow is built from an external cotton cover and 100% polyurethane froth filling.The foam inside the pad seems, by all accounts, to be a standard poly froth that has been put through a shredding machine.


The front of the My Pillow is 100% cotton. There is no zipper on the pad, so you won’t have the capacity to expel or alter the inside filling. All things considered, the sewing of the cover is genuinely well done. I found a sum of 2 free strings along the creases, however, generally, the cover appears to have an OK fabricate.

Tastefully, the front of this pad is not all that much. The My Pillow logo has been embellished into the cover on both the front and back of the cushion. By and by, I’m not a major aficionado of the outline or the cover. It has a shabby vibe to it and the style helps me to remember modest cushions I’ve acquired at huge retail locations.

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Does My Pillow Come In Firm Or Soft?

A new piece of content from the writers at SleepMentor says that the. As you lie your head on the cushion, there is a direct measure of linkage. The My Pillow supports your head and neck, giving a normal measure of help.

As a back/side sleeper, the My Pillow could be an alright choice. While lying on my stomach, the pad was simply to elevated. Indeed, even as I attempted to spread out and shape the fill, the My Pillow simply did not adjust in the way I required it to. When I moved over to my side, the cushion was alright. It was certainly more agreeable than on my stomach.

At long last, the pad felt most proper on my back. Since the pad has a medium space, it could bolster my neck and back while mulling over my back, more so than on my stomach or side.

Also, the cushion was not the most calm I have tried. The cotton cover is similarly rougher and coarser than numerous different cushions I’ve tried. This kind of complete on the texture makes all the more stirring while evolving positions, prompting extra commotion. On the off chance that you or your accomplice are a lighter sleeper that level of commotion can end up irritating.

The cooling of this cushion was about widely appealing. The destroyed froth completes a great job of breathing, yet the cover does not have the most eminent wind current. Also, My Pillow just prescribes putting a cotton cover on the pad. My Pillow accepts in the event that you put some other material on the cushion, it will detract from the cooling properties. I don’t know I fundamentally concur with this announcement, as I have discovered execution polyester and Tencel sheets to be better cooling textures, as I would like to think.

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