Case Study: Clean Water Infographic

A global asset manager sought to turn volumes of data into at-a-glance insights. This campaign helped to spread the word about clean water investment opportunities.

The opportunity

Will water be the oil of the 21st century? As the population grows and the limits of the potable water supplies are tested, a strong water infrastructure will be more important than ever.

A global asset manager developed a mutual fund that may be poised for a wave of growth in the coming years. I worked on a marketing campaign that helped to spread the word about the investment opportunities. I worked on the illustrations, designs, and the code for all of the materials described below.

The printed infographic

Working alongside the internal Digital Marketing team, I helped to develop an infographic that would enable the sales team to susinctly communicate the investment opportunity to potential investors.

First, we gathered and categorized some compelling data that highlighted the increasing need for clean water.

Then, the editorial team helped to frame the content with some concise text.

Some early drafts featured more graphic header treatments, which were too off brand.

After numerous drafts we arrived at the final version of the infographic.

Printed infographic.

The infographic received a FCS award and was popular with the sales staff. It was the most ordered item on the internal document center for several months.

Expanding our efforts

To raise awareness and drive traffic to our materials, we used a variety of methods.

  • Web: Create an interactive version of the infographic.
  • Email and Social Media: Distribute links and increase visitor traffic.
  • Video: A brief video will offer an alternative way for investor’s to consume the information.

ℹ️ WEB

As the infographic became a focal point of the clean water investing campaign, I was tasked with developing an interactive version.

Launch the interactive water infographic

Using HTML, CSS, and a little Javascript, I converted the content from the printed infographic into an interactive experience.

Samples of interactivity.

I made a concerted effort to keep the page light-weight. A smaller page size is beneficial for page load time and search engine optimization.

Repeated elements on the x-axis help to keep this wave animation light-weight.

It was also crucial that the interactive version of the infographic be mobile-friendly. Special care was taken during the coding process to accomodate all viewport sizes.

Demonstration of responsive layout.

After strenuous testing, the interactive infographic was ready! An email and social media campaign were developed to drive traffic to the content.


The social media and email campaigns utilized GIF animation and a series of water facts.

Image for social campaign.
Email as viewed on Desktop.


Our team worked with an external vendor to develop a short animated video based on the contents of the infographic.

Video content based on the infographic.

Building on the experience

Print, web, email, social, and video were all utilized in this Marketing campaign! We examined the metrics and made an effort to refine our approach.

Following the success of the water fund campaign, we applied similar methods to promoting a technology fund.

Launch the interactive tech infographic

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