The Meaning of Elder Law According to Michael Marks

Michael Marks is the principal attorney at Marks Elder Law in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He works with families and individuals on such matters as estate and elder law planning, probate estate and inheritance, and real estate transactions. Utilizing nearly four decades of experience, Michael Marks carefully listens to all of his clients and is committed to supporting them as they age and seek out long-term care in the Pittsburgh area.

Many individuals may be confused about the meaning of the relatively new term “elder law.” At its core, elder law refers to meeting all the legal needs of clients who are aging. This encompasses everything from planning an estate, including the creation of trusts and wills, through helping with long term care and nursing home issues, and probate and estate administration following a person’s passing.

Although elder law covers a wide range of services, it is often focused on helping clients plan around their long-term care. Elder law attorneys work with their clients to obtain any necessary benefits for personal care homes, in-home care and nursing homes. These benefits and services often are provided through VA benefits or Medicaid. In long-term care and asset protection planning, elder law attorneys strive to meet two main goals: make sure their clients receive good care and save money for them.

Attorneys who practice elder law are experienced and prepared to assist their clients in these and any other areas that may improve their lives as they age.

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