These Are The Best Years of Your Life, Attack Them!

Just wanted to share a quick message that I originally posted on Instagram (@michaelmartocci). It’s a bit of a call to action for everyone between 18–25. Check it out below:

Almost everyone you meet over the age of 50 👴🏼👵🏾 will tell you that they would give up anything to be somewhere between 18–25 again. These are the most exciting years of our life.

Fortunately for us (me and most of the people who follow me) we are right in the middle of this age range. These are the years you’re going to look back to and wish you could relive over and over again.

So here’s a challenge: reverse-engineer your future regret. Envision yourself sitting at home at 80 years old reminiscing the good ole days. What are you going to wish you did differently? What are you going to wish you tried?…Now just go out and do it. Because lucky for us we are living the years that EVERYONE wishes they could get back.

I try to think about stuff like this a lot myself. I try to make decisions today that my future self will appreciate and feel fulfilled and regret free about.

But I’m not perfect either. With a ton of my focus spent on things such as entrepreneurship, fitness, being successful, and generally doing my own thing, I’ve starved other aspects of my life such as hanging out with friends as much as I should, going to parties, just enjoying being young, and ever considering having time for a girlfriend.

These are all things I’ll need to work on over the next year because #balance is paramount above all and #regret sucks.

So, to wrap it up 🎁 be a forecaster for a second. Envision what your future regrets will be and attack them. You’re living the greatest moments of your life right now, LIVE it up!

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