Motivation, Commitment and Adaptability


It is quite impossible to separate motivation and commitment per se. They are both factors that tend to create a positive change towards the performance ability of an individual. Adaptability, on the other hand, is a factor that tends to describe how an individual may be able to use the available resources which are continually changing around him or her to ensure that the set objectives are achieved.

Motivation and Commitment

It is generally conventional to assume that the reason why actions are committed is due to the fact that there was a previous internal motive of someone to do it. It is therefore quite easy to suggest that the commitment that may be shown on the outwards tends to be a resultant effect of an inner motivation.

It is quite hard at times to build up motivation after many disappointing attempts to achieve something. But it also goes without saying that there is always another time that comes after a moment of failure. Taking courage to take the next step is just one of the initial steps of building up motivation. But it goes without saying that a first step has to be taken for a second one to be. Then through repeated action on solving a problem one has, motivation is evidenced.


One of the factors that are quite inevitable in the present tech-world is the ability to be flexible. Changing environments, team mates, clients and problems are now a constant. Every moment seems to bare different requirements and for success to be attained, it is evident that the person involved should be able to be specifically oriented towards achieving that exact goal specified. At any given time, adaptability seems to offer a chance of growth in skill and the knowledge-base of an individual in a particular field.


It is therefore important to note that for success to be there, someone must decide for himself that his decisions will be influenced positively towards achieving his goal. The individual must also ensure that the surrounding proves to be a positive influence towards attaining a specific goal.

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