Ten Most Anticipated Records of 2017

2016 was easily one of the most incredible years for heavy music. I mean between Killswitch Engage, Nails, Alcest, Khemmis, Meshuggah, The Body, and about 50+ records… it was amazing! And 2017 looks to be just as amazing (if not more). While I contributed some of my top anticipated picks over at Metal Injection recently, I wanted to go just a little more in-depth and share my overall top ten picks. This is in no order, and of course throughout the year there are going to be more great records (some that are surprises even), but these are the ten I have my eye on right now.


Bold statement here: The Satanist is one of the top ten best heavy records of the past decade. With its brilliant technicality, its relentless heaviness, and savage yet poetic lyricism, Behemoth created a masterpiece. I am thrilled to hear how Nergal and the boys plan on throwing it down with their newest record. While in 2017 they plan to begin writing and recording, we can hope for a release date around the end of the year (just in time for snowfall and blackened death metal).


Funny that as of this posting the band announced a tour today! Mastodon has been one of my favorites as of recent years. While Leviathan is my favorite record of theirs, the progression these albums have seen over the is nothing short of excellent musicianship. While the themes of the new record aren’t the happiest, I’m intrigued to see what the guys pull together. Something sludgy? Or maybe a little darker rock-pop? You never know with Mastodon, and that’s part of the joy!

Carach Angren

I actually discovered Carach Angren as of 2016 (it was through seeing them live with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Abigail Williams). Never hearing them before, I was impressed by their presence, energy, and thematic music. I’m a gigantic fan of art that is theatrical, and that stage presence comes through so boldly in their music. Filled to the brim with grim and symphonic energy, Carach Angren appears to have a history of always delivering. I’m excited to see what fairy tale nightmares the act brings forth into the new year.

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams reminds me of why I fell in love with music. That beautiful, surreal, and ethereal aura that music so magically creates… it is such a gift and power of art. The Accuser was one of those records where I felt that, and had on repeat for an age (and still listen to it this day). Dark, haunting, and sinister, Abigail Williams have been building on their sound and craft for years, and now after The Accuser — I am beyond thrilled to see what these guys will make.


I just know the new Ghost record is going to be a ton of fun. The main reason anyone listens to Ghost is for a good time. The first time I heard Opus Eponymous I found myself in an enchanted Victorian horror flick, and fucking loved every second. Ghost haven’t let me down since, and I don’t expect any less this time around.


Of bands I’ve come to really dig, Pallbearer is one of the more newer ones. Caught them opening for a band last year, and like Abigail Williams — found their music to be beautifully hypnotic. With a delicate somber and loving aura surrounding the instrumentals and lyrics, I’m interested to see what Pallbearer puts out, and looking forward to catching them on tour.

Cradle of Filth

I must say, other than two records for Cradle of Filth, I love everything they’ve ever done. While I am more of a fan of the older records (Cruelty and the Beast and Dusk and Her Embrace for example), I do get excited every time I hear they are back in the studio. Dani still has one of my favorite voices in all of music, and I adore the extreme goth/black metal speed of the band’s instrumentals. After Hammer of the Witches, I’m wondering just what themes or stories Dani will pick from his hat this time around.


We’ve all been waiting quite a while for this one! Who knows what to expect from a new Converge record! With the likes of Jacob Bannon and Kurt Ballou behind the scenes — I’m sure we can count on something brilliant and chaotic.


2017 will be the year Tool puts out a record. At this point it is impossible to not put out the record. While Maynard plans on dropping a new A Perfect Circle record soon and going on tour, the band has been working too long and hard (while on and off), too not put out something. At least we know when it drops, it will probably redefine music.

Marilyn Manson

I’ve been a Manson fan longer than any other band/artist I love. To be quite frank: other than The High End of Low, I love everything he’s ever done. His two most recent records have proved to be excellent releases, and I’m excited to hear what he has to say about the world in Say 10.

Very excited to kick off 2017 with these releases, and some that I’ve already gotten to hear and are excellent! Looking at you folks in Sepultura, Code Orange, King Woman, and Iron Reagan. What records are you folks looking forward to in 2017?

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