Medical Malpractice Among Health Care Professionals

Based in Wellington, Florida, attorney Michael Presley provides legal services to clients seeking his expertise in areas related to health care law. An attorney like Michael Presley may represent individuals or businesses in a wide range of case types, including medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice refers to an instance in which a health care professional causes injury to a patient through negligence. A medical malpractice claim is typically characterized by four elements: establishing the fact that a medical provider was responsible for a patient’s care; proof the medical professional did not provide care that met reasonable standards; evidence that injury was sustained; and evidence the injury occurred as a result of the medical professional’s negligent care.

Doctors and other medical professionals most often face malpractice lawsuits for reasons like inadequate follow-up procedures, ineffective communication habits, problems with labs or medications, and poorly kept medical records. Other examples of potential medical malpractice suits include occurrences in which a patient was discharged from care prematurely, received surgery that was not needed for his or her condition, or who had symptoms that a medical professional did not recognize and diagnose.

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