What is your addiction? Recently great waves of use are wrapped up in movies, music and games. We use media to share with our friends and family. Some of us use digital worlds to escape the real one. Again, how is this not a drug? It’s not a drug but the effect is the same. They work hard, make money and spend most of it on a digital experience, one that earns them very little, and takes their time, their youth, and — in a way — their happiness from them. You see them on the street, disheveled

What drags…


Eyes burst open to a smeary grey backdrop wall. I see evergreen tree branches jutting through the windows, as we slide along the surface.


My fingers dig into the side of the chair and I pin my head downwards. Please stop please stop please stop. You beg. You whisper. The noise is screaming.

One more tree branch pokes me in the ear and it feels like we’ve stopped. My fingers loosen their grip, and I lean back into my broken seat. I turn right and see an Indian family of 4 with a blanket…

What is shame? Not stealing a candy bar (we’ve been there when jobs were nigh). Not lying (we’ve done it to calm our parents down). What is shame that follows your for decades.

Sometimes I think back to the early 80s and I think about the students I picked on. Man those were rough times. Bullying someone who was smaller or younger than me. Teasing someone for their height or weight (I am gangly gaunted man now and certainly was back then, so what was I thinking?) …

When I walk the streets I see a young man, around 11 years old, eating cheddar and sour cream chips out of an Old Dutch bag. I can hear him crunching the chips from 20 feet away. He looks left. He looks right. He tips the last few scraps of chips into his gullet by tipping the bag down his throat.

Now comes the best part.

He folds the bag vertically. Then horizontally. Then vertically. Horizontally. He folds it again and again and again, until it’s a little plastic cube that he can hold in his right hand.

Again he…

The wind howls. It’s about 11-ish on a Tuesday night. The sky is deep pure black and the mountains are arcing towards the moon. I look out the castle windows and see an elegant bridge and reaches across the Newborne Lake.

I sit in a rugged, hard chair, in front of a stone table. For the past hour I’ve been wondering how they got the damn thing up to the 10th floor. Levers, I’m told.

The year is 302 AD. There is no technology, much more than fire, wood and stone. Every day feels like 24 hours. The days don’t…

There are but a few rules the genie doesn’t let you ask, bringing some back from the dead is among them.

Bring your great grandfather back? Your aunt? Perhaps a famous celebrity or genius. Imagine Einstein coming back and annoyed at how little we carried on his work. Truly none of these people were really geniuses.

What about pets that I had from a young age.

I think I would bring back my favorite high school teachers, or perhaps artists like Leonardo. Rather than those who studied science (as Leonardo did, in spades) I think the artist coming back would…

You wake up by the side of the road. Specks of rain on your eyes. You stand up and you have no idea where you are. You stuff your fists in your pockets. They’re empty. You. Have. Nothing.

You head craters. What the fuck happened in the last few hours. Where were you? What the hell happened?

You sit back down and scrunch your head between two fists and think. Think!

You imagine the bar scene, a dark room and long legs. Did you follow a woman down an alley?

You can’t feel any pain, you touch your arms, body…

It’s 2:12AM on Friday evening … better known as Saturday morning. You’re wearing a thick overcoat, a beaten down hat, a shaggy beard, and enjoying the cool breeze. Sleep is not for you tonight. The road is ragged with steps and clops as the London crew is spicy tonight. You’re a little bored and a little drunk. You scan the crowd looking for a good ol’ broil. A crowd of fancy men, you could toss them across the street. No fun there. You spot one — a tall gangly fella. He’s not with anyone, no one will interrupt, and you…

6:00 AM Woke up this morning and ran around the buiding. That was pretty boring. I should really get a tread mill.

6:30 AM Had a delicious breakfast with extra bread. Alright I had a loaf of bread and grazed it with butter syrup and chocolate flakes. My diet will start tomorrow.

7:00 AM After showering and such, I sipped my 3rd cup of coffee today and I’m absolutley ready to change the world. After all, I have a very important job.

7:30 AM One more Youtube video and I’ll start work. I swear.

8:00 AM Checked my email. I…

Once upon a time there was something called boredom.

When I was younger the days lasted 24 hours. What were we waiting for? The sun to go down. Waiting for dinner. Waiting for 8pm when surely something would be on TV and our parents would watch it with us. Snacking in 2021 is nothing, but back in the 90s you had to get food from your parents. Sometimes you didn’t deserve food, and your parents would tell you, “Let’s wait until Dad gets home.” Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I couldn’t wait to get bigger and stronger. I couldn’t wait to be…

Michael A. Robson

I love doodling and learning languages :).

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