The 5 IPAs You Should be Drinking This Summer

While there really isn’t a bad time of the year to drink an India Pale Ale, the hot summer months provide a perfect reason to cool off with a cold one. While you might not initially think of IPAs when considering summertime beverages, the brew was actually concocted with hot temperatures in mind. When sending beer to colonists and troops in India, the British discovered that adding a lot of hops to their malt ales protected the brews during the voyage. From there, a new style of beer was born.

So whether you’re enjoying a glass with friends after work or simply lounging in the sand, make sure to toast the Brits for their good thinking. Here are five IPAs you should be drinking this summer:


For the casual IPA drinker, Creature Comforts’ Tropicalia definitely hits the spot. This Georgia-born soft brew is heavy on the hops, but holds back on the bitterness. It’s a fruity, balanced and bright IPA that you’ll want to recommend to all your beer-drinking buds.


If you’re searching for a little Latin flavor, pick up this Florida-based IPA. Jai Alai, named after a sport where the ball is hurled at high speeds off a wall, starts you off with a sweet caramel taste and transitions to a citrus and pine aroma before finishing with subtle fruitiness. It’s another balanced, hoppy IPA that will have you constantly craving another sip.

Read the full list in Menlo House.

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