Shell’s Future May Lie in Natural Gas and Renewables

Michael Saei first became involved with the petroleum industry nearly four decades ago with the purchase of a Los Angeles, California-based retail service station. Since then, Michael Saei has gained more experience in the oil and gas sector as the managing partner of Enterprise Financial Group, where he represented major companies like Royal Dutch Shell in areas like petroleum financing structuring.

Royal Dutch Shell, one of the world’s most successful oil companies, announced toward the end of 2016 that it would explore alternative energy sources outside of oil in order to keep pace with the swiftly changing energy market. Along with exploration and investment in renewable energy, the energy giant will also explore its viability as a future provider of electricity and natural gas.

A focus on an energy source like natural gas may go a long way toward helping Shell adapt to a world that is increasingly committed to the fight against climate change. Though a low-carbon future is the end goal for environmental organizations and the public that supports them, the process is likely to require many years and slow transitions. Natural gas could be a complement to this process, as it is considered to be a bridge fuel that burns cleaner than coal and is relatively affordable to produce.

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