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In high school I had no friends and had trouble getting along with people. I would have trouble talking to people, not because I’m socially awkward but because I would get irritated easily. I had this huge ego and teenage angst. There was only one girl who pulled me out of my slump. That was a year after I graduated. She showed me how to have fun and not take things to seriously. I fell in love, unfortunately. She didn’t feel the same way. She gave me the best year of my life. It troubles me how someone who can show you the light in things, can also show you how it can be taken away. I have no control over that. This was 3 years ago. I still think about it everyday. I’ve tried getting help because the grieving process should only last not more than a few weeks, at least that is what I’ve heard but I doubted it. It worries me that I’ve obsessed over this for the past 3 years.

In the past three years I’ve tried going out more and trying to love myself so that I don’t need anyone to “show me the light.” Happiness comes from within but I feel dead inside. I tried to choose what I want to do with my life, hobbies, do what makes me enjoy out of nothingness. I tried it but nothing seems to click. Then I slowly gotten what I know I like after scouring for months after I graduated.
Work wise, I have an interesting job. It is nice that I got to have a job that is in my field of interest. I deal with antiques and am kind of a history enthusiast. It’s the only thing that really keeps me occupied as there is no end to the learning. It’s just a hard business out there right now… the market is terrible.

Realizing enjoyment, for me, requires two things. Really try to recognize and articulate your values (building things, creative expression, problem-solving, gaming, helping others, etc.). Meanwhile, do things to step outside of your comfort zone, try new things you typically wouldn’t. This alone can conjure excitement, while also allowing you to further refine what it is that you like, what it is that you’re about. Once that is established, learn about it, pursue it and join communities of others with similar interests.

I am very thankful of IAM Group Ltd as they have been the first group of people who encouraged me to hold on to life and start embracing each passing woes and happiness. A member found out about my depression and everyone started to give me their insight. It really helped me big time, knowing there are people out there who can show compassion even if they are from very far places like Yokohama Japan or Sri Lanka. I really have no one to talk to which is why I’m here, sharing my stories and adventures in life to this humble group. IAM Group Ltd has been my outlet for this kind of things and I am a proud member.