Checking in on our commitments to creators about Trust and Safety
Colin Sullivan

Please make a mandatory check for all creators!
For example as in Twitter, Facebook (Checkbox in a blue circle)

What additional documents are needed I will provide to your support team.
For 2.5 months I registered as a creator, and I still do not have one patron …))
Probably people do Not trust in the reliability of some created accounts, in the certainty that the photo really belongs to the owner of the account.

I understand that some creators don’t want to put on their avatar a valid photo (noticed by some), but then come up with a double verification.
One verification is mandatory - authenticity of the account.
Another verification - at will (who wants to put a real photo)
As for the name of the creator:
You can also come up with some notation - a real name for the creator or a creative nickname.
I personally represent my work from a creative nickname.

Best Regards, Michael Smith.