Museum of Modern Art Releases Extensive Historical Digital Archive

A licensed real estate salesperson with New York-based company The Corcoran Group, Michael Tannen holds over two decades of experience in sales. Outside of his professional duties, Michael Tannen is a staunch supporter of the arts and a member of the Museum of Modern Art.

Since its inception over 80 years ago, the Museum of Modern Art has become the temporary home of some of the world’s most beloved pieces of art by artists ranging from Alexander Calder to Pablo Picasso. However, one’s museum experience is only as good as the current exhibits. For most, missed exhibits are opportunities that will be gone forever.

The Museum of Modern Art’s management recently launched an extensive digital archive that contains over 33,000 images documenting all exhibits in the museum’s equally extensive history, from 1929 to the present. The digital archive contains shots of installations, exhibit checklists, and a press release that chronicles the changes that have occurred to the museum since its inception. The archive is intended to serve as a living archive that is updated continuously.

The project is an initiative of the museum’s chief of archives Michelle Elligott and digital content director Fiona Romeo. Together, they conceptualized and oversaw the project over the past two and a half years.

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