Hyre App — Empty States & Long Load Times

What happens if you don’t have any contacts? Have yet to apply to any jobs or attend any events. How about if your signal is weak or the app is experiencing heavy traffic? How are these situations and instances going to be displayed? How are these empty states going to be displayed to the user? Imagery plays a big role here, in addition to copy. Gamification can also be introduced, as long as it is relevant to your app and does not take users away from the overall experience and enjoyment of using your app. I enjoyed thinking about possible empty states for my app and what the user can do if they are experiencing longer than normal load times in a variety of cases (i.e. logging on to the app, displaying jobs, accessing various sections of the app, applying to a job and more). Below are a few examples of how I will use empty states and gamification for long load times:

Empty state for contacts screen
Empty state for jobs screen
Gamification for long load times. Help the turtle get to his new job on time
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